🛠️Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Steem Basic Income??

Hive SBI was launched as a spin-off from Steem Basic Income at the time that Hive blockchain was forked from Steem. We decided to honor most pre-fork subscriptions on the new blockchain, and even make available an option to fully migrate to the blockchain of choice. New enrollments only apply to the chain on which they are funded.

Steem Basic Income appreciates everyone that supported us in our original vision to bring a voluntary crowdfunded basic income to as many Steemians as possible.

How do I join (or increase my subscription level)?

First, you can simply send 1 HIVE (or more - whole numbers only, no fractional units will be allocated) to @steembasicincome and include someone else's account name as the transaction memo.

Second, delegate HP to @steembasicincome. 1 bonus unit is granted per 2 HP delegated and remains in place until the delegation is removed. Bonus units are only available to existing SBI members, so you need to send an enrollment transaction first!

Third, participate in some of the many contests run by fellow SBI members. This is not only a great way to potentially win some sponsored units, it also can help you network and grow your following.

The official currency for enrollment is HIVE.

We accept HBD at our discretion (usually when they're closely priced, or when HBD is stronger) but you do not receive extra value or any partial refund for paying in HBD instead of HIVE. If we choose to accept an HBD enrollment, we accept the entire amount. If we choose to reject it, we refund the entire amount and request you to send HIVE instead.

I sent 1 HIVE but I misspelled the name. What can I do?

If this happens please send 0.001 HIVE or HBD to @steembasicincome. Please specify the name you mistakenly put, as well as the correct name. These are reviewed manually, so please let us know in our Discord help channel and give us a few days to fix it and confirm.

To ensure timely processing of your enrollment, please check your balances before sending and check again after 3 or more hours to confirm that your enrollment was processed.

I just sent a transaction sponsoring someone and I’m not seeing an upvote on my posts, did you miss my transaction?

If it has been at least three hours, you can check your enrollment on our website or by typing !sbi status in a comment on Hive. You can also check your Hive SBI levels in your PeakD wallet.

How frequently you receive upvotes depends on your subscription level and posting frequency, so you might not receive an update on every post you make. You can read more about our upvote delivery in Pending Balances & Upvote Delivery.

How do I know how many units I have?

There are multiple ways to check your subscription level:

How long does my subscription last?

Regular subscription units last forever. These are the most common units, gained by sending HIVE or by being sponsored. The exception to this is if your account is skip-listed for any of the reasons listed below (next section). If your account was already skip-listed before the Hive fork, then your subscription is not migrated to Hive.

Bonus units gained from delegating HP remain in place until you cancel the delegation.

Can my subscription be terminated?

Yes, your Hive SBI subscription can be terminated at sole discretion of Hive SBI for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Plagiarism. Posting content from other sources without proper credits and acting as if it's your own.

  • Spamming. Creating posts at rapid pace with low effort and low quality content.

  • Bad faith. Bad behaviors toward other Hivers. This may include unfair flagging and other inappropriate actions.

  • Other reasons. Hive SBI reserves the right to terminate subscription of any user for any reason not mentioned above.

If your account was added to our blacklist, and your subscription effectively terminated, you may have the right to an appeal or partial refund.

Can I sponsor anyone I want?

Yes! Just not yourself!

I'm very low on HIVE but I want to join, can someone sponsor me?

Yes, anyone can sponsor you to join HIVE SBI. Here are some ways you can get sponsored to join the program or get more shares:

  • Ask a friend. Tell a friend who already is on Hive ecosystem about the program, and ask them to sponsor you. Both you and your friend get one Hive SBI unit for each HIVE sent for sponsorship!

  • Winning Hive SBI contests. The are lots of contests that gives away Hive SBI units as rewards.

  • Ask for payment in Hive SBI units. You can provide a product or service for someone within the Hive ecosystem and ask for payment in Hive SBI units instead of HIVE or HBD. Both you and they will benefit from the program if you transact this way!

  • Buy HIVE. If all above methods are not working for you, you can always buy HIVE for yourself and enroll into the program. You also get to choose to sponsor other people to the program.

  • Convert more Steem Basic Income units into HIVE Basic Income if you have not already done so.

I know I am enrolled and I didn’t get an upvote!

First, ensure that you have an active subscription by checking the number of units that you have using the tools mentioned above. From the !sbi status result, check if your rshares balance value is less that $0.06. If so, you need to accumulate more pending balance to hit $0.06 before you get the next $0.02 upvote. If you have reached this threshold but still did not get the upvote, contact the Hive SBI team through discord here. You can read more about our upvote delivery in Pending Balances & Upvote Delivery.

Why am I voted by a different account than the person I sponsored?

Hive SBI has many different accounts; @steembasicincome, @sbi2, @sbi3, etc. Your vote will come from the most available account at the time of your post. The vote will always still have the same value that your account was due at that time, no matter which account is used to cast the vote.

How can I get bigger upvotes on my posts?

The upvote value given by Hive SBI is determined by the amount of rshares in your pending upvote balance. There are multiple ways to get bigger upvotes from Hive SBI on your posts:

  • Enroll for more Hive SBI units. The larger your Hive SBI subscription, the faster your pending upvote balance accumulates. More pending vote balance means bigger upvotes!

  • Post less frequently. Even when you are not posting, your Hive SBI pending upvote balance is still constantly accumulating. This will result on bigger upvote value on your next post. You can read more about our upvote delivery in Pending Balances & Upvote Delivery.

  • Delegating HP to @steembasicincome. You get temporary "bonus units" when you delegate to @steembasicincome. These bonus units give similar benefit compared to regular Hive SBI units. Currently, you get 1 bonus unit for each 2 HP delegation to @steembasicincome. You must already be enrolled in Hive SBI to receive benefits for delegation.

If I upvote @steembasicincome, do I get anything?

No. Phasing out of upvoting bonuses for Steem Basic Income was announced 27 October 2019. We do not plan to bring upvote bonuses to Hive SBI.

Some members get good feelings when they support Hive SBI with upvotes. Your results may vary.

Do I get any benefit from delegating Hive Power to @steembasicincome?

Yes, you get temporary "bonus units" when you delegate to @steembasicincome. These bonus units give similar benefit compared to regular Hive SBI units. Currently, you get 1 bonus unit for each 2 HP delegation to @steembasicincome. Bonus units will be removed if you withdraw your delegation.

You must already be enrolled in Hive SBI to receive this bonus!

What are the different types of units?

There are a few types of units that Hive SBI uses, representing different subscription benefits.

  1. Standard units are through the enrollment process. These are differentiated for our refund policy. For other purposes, these are treated exactly the same. i. Sponsored units are received when someone sponsors you. ii. Enrolled units are received when you sponsor somebody else.

  2. Bonus units are earned by delegating HP to @steembasicincome

  3. Management units are created at 5% of standard units. These are issued to the founder (@josephsavage) and lead developer (@samuel-swinton) automatically, but may be assigned to users that help improve the project.

What are rshares?

rshares are the unit that Hive uses to calculate rewards. Whenever you upvote, the witness checks your VP% and HP to calculate how many rshares your upvote is worth. Hive SBI uses rshares to track your pending upvote value. Pending upvote value estimates returned by any of our tools are calculated from your rshares balance at the time of inquiry, but the actual value of your pending upvotes is dependent on HIVE prices and reward pool behavior.

Can I reach you on discord?

Yes, that is the best way to get in touch with us. Here is a link to the discord server: click here There is a wealth of information in the #Read-me-first, #updates, and rules channels, or if you need more help, just post your question in the #help channel and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.

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